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Startup Modos prepares first mass-market notebook with E Ink screen

The Boston-based company Modos is developing the first-ever laptop with an E ink screen. It is positioned as a solution that is designed to work with text, e-mail, spreadsheets, and so on.

The company notes that so far it is planned only a model with a black and white screen, despite the fact that color E-ink already exists. Technical parameters of the laptop is not specified yet, but it seems that the solution is quite possible to play and video on such screens. Modos showed what it would look like to play a video from YouTube on the new screen.

One of the advantages of E Ink screens was and still is their ability to use little energy. In fact, energy is used only for image switching, that’s why a regular battery will last for several weeks.

In addition, these displays don’t go blind in bright sunlight because they don’t use internal backlight. They use only reflected light. Finally, the monochrome backing of these displays is more comfortable for the eye than LCDs.


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